The Hound is Los Angeles-based musician John Constantine Lucido. His musical journey began with a strong foundation in opera and composition from a young age. After high school, he collaborated with his then-ex-boyfriend to form the duo Orchid and Hound. Together, they released three albums and performed at various venues in San Francisco and Los Angeles, earning acclaim as “brilliant onstage” by SF WEEKLY and their music being lauded as “favorite queer pop” by LOGO.

After the band parted ways, The Hound launched his first solo single, “Can’t Let You Go,” which garnered praise from reputable sources such as the Huffington Post, Billboard, and Out Magazine, which labeled The Hound as “one to know.” Following a period of focused attention to his health, friends, and family when the World also went through significant changes, The Hound returned to the music scene with a new approach: wielding a DJ controller. By skillfully blending house, disco, pop, and R&B and incorporating his unique spin on legendary tracks with original remixes, The Hound swiftly ascended to prominence, becoming a sought-after DJ in the vibrant Los Angeles music scene.